Butterfly Transition Book

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Welcome to the new line of demarcation, where your hair and life meet. It’s time to give them both the attention they deserve. Not only is Butterfly Transition a step-by-step guide to transitioning your hair, this book also gives you a deep personal look into how Diana learned to confront, and finally embrace, her painful past in her own powerful Butterfly Transition.

This much-needed resource for naturals, naturals in transition, and women considering a transition to natural:

  • Shares basic information you need for a successful transition
  • Gives you practical actions you can take to minimize your hair frustration
  • Reminds you that you’re not alone in your trials, setbacks, and fears
  • Guides you to overcome obstacles in every area of life
  • Offers quick transition exercises you can incorporate into your hair and life today
  • And provides specific tools and tips to enhance your beauty in every way!

Be prepared to laugh, cry, and yearn to discover the person you were meant to be, one curl at a time. Butterfly Transition takes you beyond hairstyles, products, and techniques into living a life of authenticity—inside and out.